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the opportunity to create lasting life legacies and powerful impressions

AIM Inspiration

Have you ever wished you had some tangible memory of a passed loved one? Yearned to see your parents or grandparents one more time? To hear their voice, see their smile, listen to their stories? This is what drives AIM. We want you to create your life’s legacy so your grandchildren, great grandchildren and beyond will remember who you are, your family’s timeless values and what family means to you. Our company makes those emotion, memories, and messages eternally available.

AIM Missions

To offer an opportunity for clients to create and control what their lasting legacy will be by employing state-of-the-art technology and production solutions that will eternally deliver your image and message to family, friends, and professional colleagues.

AIM Technology

AIM Technology employs a patented system of visual creation that results in a life-sized full color 3D moving image or animation.

AIM Production Value

AIM’s full-service high definition digital production partners are without match. Our team will utilize 30 years of top-tier experience to write, video and deliver a production that will surpass your expectations and leave you confident that your message and mission will eternally connect to all who see it.

Cutting Edge Positioning in Educational and Fundraising Programs.

In the competitive world of fundraising and student recruitment, AIM Holographics bring a futuristic edge to the present. Donors have an option beyond their name sitting statically on the walls of a building. Their message and image will now connect to generations of students. A top professor no longer has to be limited by geography. Students can learn from and engage with them like never before. Holographic projections make a once seemingly unrealistic technology of the future widely available in the present to the aggressive and forward thinking institution.

Create Major Gift/Legacy Giving Clubs

Holographic Projection technology is a powerful tool to begin or enhance a legacy giving club. Your most significant donors can become a visual and ACTIVE presence of your university’s history for decades.

Unprecedented Donor Recognition Programs

Raise the bar of your donor recognition program. Holographic technology and production is the next-level tool to honor those who have contributed most to your institution’s advancement. This ‘wow factor’ technology will propel any recognition program ahead of others, motivating current donors and attracting new ones.

Campus to Campus Telepresence Worldwide

This powerful element of AIM's technology allows a lecturing professor to simultaneously appear in holographic form in front of and engage with students in classrooms around the globe. This unique tool is an attention-grabbing capability to enhance a students' interest in a class while also becoming a cost-effective measure by maximizing a college's staff.

State of the Art Curricula Technology

With AIM Holographics’ products and production, any university curricula employing media to teach now has the opportunity to own the undeniably, most state-of the-art tool to educate students. From medical to scientific, telecommunications to architecture, holographic projections allow professors to visually illuminate a lesson in a way never seen in education.

What We Offer
Like No Other

Crafted With Love

When family members pass away, it is natural to want to honor them in the most special way possible. A new and remarkable option is now available. With AIM technology, it’s possible to leave a lasting legacy for your loved ones with a personalized 8-10 minute tribute. All eulogies can be customized to your specific needs and recorded in your own image.

Luxury Resorts
First Class Visuals

Imagine guests walking into a gorgeous hotel lobby or the sitting room of a chartered mega-yacht. Appearing before them is a larger-than-life 3D hologram of their host or an exciting adventure that awaits them – they immediately know that your hotel or yacht is one-of-a-kind. AIM also offers 3D hologram conferencing and event augmentation.

Guaranteed Recognition

For nonprofit organizations and foundations seeking the ultimate in donor recognition, AIM 3D holograms provide a unique, unprecedented platform for donors. Whether it’s the president of the organization or someone who has made a significant gift, imagine the impact of a message expressing a donor’s affinity for your organization.

Life Legacy
Making Lasting Memories

Capture for perpetuity your family’s story and legacy in a virtual 3D hologram presentation. With AIM technology you can tell your story your way. The ability to tie generations together through your telling of your legacy in your own image and voice is both rare and compelling. A 3D hologram allows you to keep your memory alive and inspire your family for years after your passing.

Larger Than Life

What would make your event more memorable than a life-sized 3D hologram that takes the stage for live performances and can double as a media center and receive 3D satellite transmissions? AIM can take your event capabilities to new levels. For special occasions, guests can create heart-touching toasts and tributes, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Service With WOW Factor

Maximize customer impact with eye-catching presentations and displays. Easily change hologram content to feature new products, services and current sales. With this new technology, capturing customer attention becomes a dynamic display. Retailers can take advantage of AIM’s wide range of options from small (12” x 12”) to life-size presentations.

We're 3D
Built with proprietary technology

Our holograms are one-of-a-kind. Never before has the general public been able to bring home something from the movies! THE FUTURE IS HERE.

Technology should shape the way we live. It should leave us with a lasting memory.

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Without tradition art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd., Without innovation, it is a corpse.


The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.


Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.


Our Memory Making Leaders

Carl Minardo
CEO / Founder

Carl Minardo is a first class innovator. His vision to bring the 3D holographic technology to the people sets him far beyond his peers. Carl founded AIM in the hopes of providing those that want it the ability to share a lasting legacy with the world.

Steve Harless
CFO / Co-Founder

Steven Harless, CPA contributes creativity balanced with financial responsibility to Aim Holographics, Inc. His experience includes being the founder and managing partner of Harless & Associates, Certified Public Accountants, and principal and CFO of its affiliated financial services firm, Peachtree Capital Corporation. Steve began his career with Price Waterhouse in Atlanta in 1978 and also worked with Coopers & Lybrand and Ernst and Young prior to founding the firms.


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